Spiritual Journeys: Why They’re Important and What I Believe

At some point, we have all questioned what we believe in; if we never questioned what we believed in, we would have blind faith for our entire life, which I truly believe no higher power would want us to have. Whatever religion you believe in, all religions can agree that humans have free will for a reason.

I have always felt conflicted about being ‘religious’ in my life, instead referring to myself as ‘spiritual’ when allowed to use the term. I am a ‘split brain’ thinker – I’m a Gemini, blame the Gemini – I need fact, I need to be able to prove something, but even more so, I need something that is believable, I need something that I can soar in, I need something that I can emotionally connect with. Again, Gemini.

Photo Courtesy of Garon Piceli

What I’ve found throughout my journey of faith, mental health, happiness and spirituality, is that no one religion fits me. In an effort to find where I belong spiritually, I’ve created a list of my beliefs.

I believe there is a Higher Power

I believe there is a higher power, God – if you will, that has helped set you in on a path for life before you’re ever even born. (S)He has created you with purpose, and puts you on Earth to do better, be better, and learn lessons to evolve.

I believe in Reincarnation

I believe in Past Lives. I do not believe in the phrase “you only live once”, although I – like almost all Western Peoples – use it as an excuse for my choice or behavior when I do something out of the norm. I don’t necessarily believe in Past Lives in the way of the Buddhist or Hindu tradition, though. I believe that when you die, you go to the afterlife to be with family and enjoy happiness with God, and when you so choose, you come back. Or, if you’ve done something against humanity (such as, premeditated murder), you’re sent right back, to try to atone for what you’ve done.

I believe God is Kind and Just

I do not believe that the only way into Heaven is by accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior. Wow, it’s taken me years to even get to a point where I can type that out, put it out somewhere publicly, and not feel immense shame by saying so. Let me explain here, though, before you burn me at the stake. I’m not saying that Jesus is not God’s son – don’t misinterpret me. I am saying that I don’t think that God or Jesus would ever deny someone entry solely based on that fact. This belief has stemmed from me growing up with Jewish and Agnostic friends who have been more of a blessing to this world than a lot of Christians I’ve met, and I refuse to believe that these wonderful people wouldn’t be allowed to reunite with their loved ones simply because they didn’t worship Jesus; I don’t think God or Jesus is that selfish or cruel.

I believe in Psychics, Mediums, Reiki, and more

I do believe that Psychics and Mediums can speak with the deceased, and I believe that Reiki Master’s can change, absorb, and redirect energy in a way to help heal your soul.

I believe in Kindness

I believe that if you are a good person, do well, and support others, you will be allowed to live a peaceful afterlife regardless of religious affiliation.

Photo Courtesy of David McBee

I believe we are all Connected to Earth

I believe that we are all connected to the Earth, it’s beings, and it’s landscapes. We are to respect what has been created and celebrate what is given to use by Earth.

I believe in Asian and Native ‘Ancestor Worship’

In these cultures, forms of Ancestor Worship are present. What portions of Ancestor Worship that I would like to practice, are Ofrendas and 제사 (Jesa). Personally, I find it incredibly rude to our elders and ancestors that people in most Western cultures do not practice some form of remembrance or ritual in their honor. I am very invested in my genealogy and learning about my ancestors, and I believe that I should honor them as often as I am allowed.

I believe that we have more Control than we think

While I believe in Fate, to a certain point, I also believe that we have more control than we give ourselves credit for. We can manifest positivity and negativity.

I believe Abrahamic Hell is Real

I believe that Hell, as told by the Abrahamic religions, is real. I believe that demons reside there and that the Devil does too. Now, where I disagree on it, is that I don’t believe humans end up there. I honestly think that when “bad people” die, they are not allowed to move on and are instead stuck on Earth as ghosts for eternity, or they are allowed to move on but instead experience a karmic justice by living a miserable life in their next life cycle.

So what’s the point?…

I feel strongly that I have had 3 “life phases” so far in my life, which would make sense given that I’m in my late 20’s. I feel that each of these phases have changed who I am, what I believe, and what course I am on. Exposure to all different types of people, beliefs, and cultures throughout my life have added or changed views that I’ve held.

This shows that life itself is a spiritual journey. Our entire life we are supposed to grow, learn, and adopt practices so that we can include them in our lives. Spiritual journeys are incredibly important so that you can understand life, your purpose, and enjoy everything that has been given to you in this life.

But enough about me…what are your beliefs? What do you practice?

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