It’s OK to be a Financial Hypocrite

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m saying that it’s okay to be a Financial Hypocrite…or at least I assume so, because you clicked the link and here you are.

Photo courtesy of JP Valery Photography

I know and everyone that tolerates me knows that I can get a little obsessive (#OCDftw) when it comes to finances. There is a reason for my madness though, and the reason is that I grew up in a lower middle class family who thought they were the Joneses; for example, we couldn’t afford food, but they’d have no issue going to Best Buy on a whim and charging a $1000 television for a room that no one uses. No child should have to learn from her mother how to field off collection companies when they call, and how to lie to family about how we “don’t go to check into cash”. I knew early on that I never wanted to be like that. It makes a little more sense now, right?

So here I am, this crazy financial person freaking out over saving pennies, and that’s been part of my identity; in a sense, I’ve been proud of it. This is who I’ve been for my entire adult life, until recently.

Recently, I’ve realized that my quality of life matters more than a paycheck.

Recently, I’ve discovered that I would be happier as a poor person than as a person who can buy whatever I want.

Those realizations are not easy for someone like me. These realizations are difficult and they are life-changing. You know what else they are? They’re worth the change.

So yes, it’s okay to be a “financial hypocrite”. Life gave you lemons and you had to make lemonade. So take a deep breath, realize that it’s okay to sometimes just have to charge it on a credit card, for your sanity.

Courtesy of Lisa Fotios Photography

It’s okay and everything will work out that it’s supposed to.

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