Growing Your Own Food: The Ultimate Food Savings

Photo Courtesy of via Brad Stallcup Photography

I’ll admit it…I don’t have the biggest green thumb. I’m also that person that hates grass but still, for some unknown reason, wants to live on a farm in the middle of nowhere; and hey, did I mention I’m like ‘My Girl‘ level allergic to to bees?

Photo courtesy of via Studio 7042

So yeah, this girl, has decided to grow her own food. This means I had to do a lot of researching…a lot. I had to find fruit trees that would grow indoors without the need to be pollinated by bees, and needed full sun, due to where I have to put them inside.

I went to my local Tractor Supply Co. and picked up two trees that I hope to feed me within the year. They deliver the trees to my house for free. I figured it’s worth spending $50 total on two trees, and be able to get years worth of fruit.

My research led me to:

  • Meyer Lemon Tree: The Meyer Lemon Tree is a common lemon tree – but I’d say mine will look more like a very large, tall lemon shrub.
  • LSU Purple Fig Tree: The LSU Purple Fig Tree will provide a lot of figs and grow to be almost as tall as my ceilings. Fig jam anyone? I’m starting to collect recipe for the figs now because I don’t know what else to use them on, so if you have anything, let a girl know!

I’m also looking at what food (vegetables, maybe some strawberries, garlic, herbs for tea?) I can grow in small containers to save money. If you have any ideas I’d appreciate it.

Photo courtesy of via Studio 7042

Have you grown your food indoors? What was your experience like?

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