Challenge Series: The Dishwasher Challenge

Challenge Series: The Challenge Series is a money saving challenge that I have found online, and challenge myself and you to do, in an effort to save money.

Photo Courtesy of via WDnet Studio

It costs roughly $60 a year for the electricity usage of your dishwasher, if you use it daily. Did you know that the average dishwasher uses 6 gallons of water, per cycle? If you wash dishes everyday in your dishwasher, you’re also using 2,184 gallons each year. Lets not even get into how much gas you’re using to heat the water, if you have a hot water heater…

The Dishwasher Challenge is a challenge where you only wash dishes once a week. So, instead of using 2,184 gallons per year, you’d use 312 gallons.

Photo courtesy of via Catt Liu

I have to be completely honest: I am nervous about this challenge for multiple reasons. I am nervous that my dishes sitting around will begin to stink; and, I am nervous how intentional I will have to become with my meal planning and my dish usage.

I will be keeping everyone up to date about this challenge: Will I see a difference on my electric bill? Will I see a difference on my gas bill? Will I see a difference in my water bill? I hope so. I hope it’s enough to make it a permanent change, and make all the work worth it.

Do you think you could hack it?

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