Sprint Rewards Series: Free FandagoNow Rental

Sprint Series: The Sprint Rewards Series will be similar to the Amazon Series, where, as long as you’re a Sprint Rewards user, I’m going to show you how to utilize the Sprint Rewards app to get free items, rewards, cash back, and enter to win vacations and cash prizes. Let me show you how to let your phone “pay for itself”.

Everyone wants something free, right? Well, if you’re a Sprint user like I am, you can get free items each week with the Sprint Rewards app. As someone who loves to get a deal, I take advantage of all of them.

Over the last year, I have received free gift cards to Coldstone Ice Creamery, Pizza Hut, iTunes, Amazon, Krispy Kreme, Lenovo, Papa Johns, and many, many more, all ranging from $2 to $10.

This week, my free reward was a digital film rental with FandangoNow. I didn’t realize that Fandago had a ‘Netflix style’ option or site, and was very impressed with the quality. I was very excited to get this free reward, as it was worth $5.99.

I redeemed my certificate to watch the film Aladdin, which I had wanted to see in theaters but did not have it in my budget to go see. It was nice and stormy, I cuddled up with a blanket I knitted with free yarn, and turned on my laptop to watch the show, along with some chips and homemade garden-sourced salsa. It was a great, frugal way to spend an evening.

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