Some (potentially gross) ways I save money

We all have some things we do that are a little unusual, I just make sure that mine saves me money.

Image courtesy of via Ryan McGuire Photography

1.) I only do 2 loads of laundry per week – I never go over washing two loads of laundry a week. Now, reminder, I am one person and only have one person’s worth of laundry each week. Each load of laundry costs on average $1.52 per load. I use to wash 4 loads of laundry a week, this means on I’m saving $158 each year.

2.) I reuse hair towels – Ladies know the type, the small towels that you wrap your hair around after you get out of the shower. Well, yours truly reuses them. I never thought this was something that could be seen as gross until a small group of women told me it was. I don’t get it, your hair clean as you just washed it…what’s the big deal, so long as you dry it out on a drying rack as not to create mildew and only reuse once, you should be fine. I have to do this step to make #1 a reality for me, and for an extra $158 in my pocket each year, I’ll keep doing it.

3.) I use THINX – I don’t use this miracle product every single day, but I do use it for half of my shark week. I have 3 pairs, and have estimated that even though it cost me $80 for 3 pairs, since they’re reusable after a simple cycle through the washer, they’ve saved me about $100 a year on average since I started 5 years ago. An extra $500? Who is going to say no to that?

4.) I don’t turn on any lights – Well, I do turn on lights, but only after it’s pitch black outside. Otherwise I open all my curtains on non-sun facing windows, and let the sun do it’s job. The reason I don’t do this on sun-facing windows is because it would heat up my house and make my Air Conditioning unit work harder.

Image courtesy of via Jaroslaw Puszczyński

5.) I collect and return pop cans – and yes, they can get sticky and gross sometimes, but it’s worth it for me. The state I live in has a return policy of $0.05 per can, as an incentive to encourage people to recycle. I typically make around $3 each trip (meaning I am only returning cans from others and not myself). So not only am I helping the environment, I’m also making money. Even if it was $3 a week (even though it ends up to being more like $6 a week), it’s an extra $156 a year, so I’m not saying no to it.

6.) I always keep my AC at 72 degrees – I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not always comfortable at this temperature. I get very hot very easily, and sometimes ya’ girl can sweat, so this isn’t always the easiest thing to do. However, I used to keep my AC between 68 and 70 degrees. Raising the temperature to a minimum of 72 degrees has saved me at least 12% every single bill, which averages out to $8.40 per month for me, or $50 a year (the rest of the year, I have to use heat because snow).

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