Mental Health: Why it’s Important and Where to Get Help

Here I am finally introducing the ‘happiness’ portion of this blog, and it still feels a little ‘Debbie Downer’.

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I really wanted to do a post about how important mental health is, as I feel like a lot of the older generations tend to have this view that if you have mental health issues something is innately wrong with you; millennials and Generation Z-ers have the complete opposite view where everyone chats openly about their therapists and the medications they’re taking. In reality, there is probably a happy medium in between.

Mental Health is something that I have struggled with for a majority of my life, but it really only began majorly impacting my life in adulthood. Due to my frugality, I refused to go to the therapist, because I was not going to spend $100 a month for that when that money could go to debt, savings, etc…or at least that’s how I rationalized it. This was extremely detrimental to my overall health and my psyche, and ended up with me close to being admitted twice. Now, remember that thing about millennials where we tell everyone our mental health business? I get that’s what I’m doing here, but it has a purpose.

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Once I sought help – once I gave up the need to only think about money – my life changed immensely, for the better. Do I still think about money? Of course. Is it the end of my world if I don’t save $0.05 at the grocery store anymore? No.

I am happy to say that my current therapist is one of the best people that I’ve ever met in my entire life. I was immediately put on Zoloft, so if you’re my co-worker and you see me popping pills at work, this is why. I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Primarily Obsessional OCD.

You’re probably reading this thinking about how awful it is to go to the doctor and get all these diagnoses, but in actuality I am so much happier (see, bringing it back full circle, this really is the ‘happiness’ portion!). I have learned how to use tools to redirect myself and being put on medication was one of the best things I ever did, even though I fought it for a long time. Is my life all smiles and perfect now that I know what’s wrong? No, it isn’t, but is my life so much better? Yes it is.

It was really important for me to write this piece because I’m afraid that someone similar to who I was a year ago, will start to read my blog and become obsessive with money. It’s okay to have a goal and try to actively achieve it, it’s not okay to let that goal completely hinder your life.

There are 350 million people in the world who experience some level of depression, so you should never feel alone.

If you or someone you know needs help, they can find free or low cost counseling services by visiting the following organization’s websites:

1.) OpenCounseling
2.) GoodTherapy
3.) BetterHelp
4.) Free Clinics
5.) If you’re a college student, the school you attend will offer free mental health counseling, visit your university’s website for more information
6.) If you’re religious, a lot of pastors or regional pastoral centers will offer free counseling
7.) If you don’t have insurance, or your insurance does not cover therapy sessions, most therapists have an option to be charged an amount based on your income rather than their standard visit fee schedule

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