September 2019: Budget Transparency

Image provided by via Icons8 Team Photography

It’s September! That means it’s time to budget as best as any girl can. I haven’t lived at my place long, which is why my budget this month is rough. Please note that my mortgage is not due until October 1, so I am not including it in my budget this month.

Please note that my estimate for electricity was based on the budget billing from the previous owners of the house, my Hulu is free due to having Spotify Premium, and this is based off take home pay bills (meaning that health insurance, life insurance, and 401k costs are not included). I’ve also filled in the amounts of expenses I’ve already had to pay for September.

Image property of The Land of Money and Happiness

My hope is that I’m able to lower my utilities significantly in September and October, so that I’m able to raise my percentage of contributions to my 401k. As the economy continues to decline, I plan on investing more and more money as, theoretically, I should be able to buy more shares with less money.

What do your budgets look like? What do you enjoy spending your money on? Do you have a guilty pleasure?


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  1. Natasha

    I have zero money because all I do is go out to eat. Oh and I have a draw full of shorts with tags on them haha I cannot save for the life of me


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