8 Tried & True Apps that Pay

One of the best things that I ever did was download rewards apps on my phone. I’ve used them to pay for Christmas gifts, my cell phone bill, my electric bill…you name it, it can be done. You won’t get rich off them, but it is an additional income stream – something that is very important and I will talk about more later in this blog.

These apps can help you by helping you pay for items you’re already purchasing, so that you can put your money into savings, stocks, or a bunch of other ‘adulting’ activities (dog daycare, anyone?…actual daycare, maybe?).

The apps that I love the most are listed below:

1.) iBotta – this is the most recognized grocery store receipt redemption app. Simply upload your receipt, scan your grocery item as proof of purchase, et voila…you will have money back! So far, over the life of my account for one year, I’ve made $101. Again, it’s not much, but wouldn’t you take an extra $8.41 each month without doing literally anything more than what you’re already doing? Currently the app is giving a free $20 after your first receipt is reimbursed. What are you waiting for?! The minimum cash out is $20.

2.) HyperDrive – this app gives you points to redeem for gift cards while promoting safe driving. You get points for driving safely (not using your phone, not speeding, etc). I have had the app since July 2019, and as of this post I have made $10. The minimum cash out is $5.

3.) ReceiptPal – this app gives you points for your receipts. The points are redeemable for Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Lowe’s, Starbuck’s, VISA, and Walmart gift cards. I have had the app since July 2019, and as of this post I have made $10. The minimum cash out is $$5.

4.) Dabbl – this app gives you points for taking surveys and clicking links, on your phone. The points are redeemable for gift cards to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bass Pro Shops, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Gamestop, Spotify, Target, and many many more. I have not been as active on this app, but I have also had it since July 2019. I have made $5 using it around once a week. The minimum cash out is $5.

5.) Fetch Rewards – this app gives you points to redeem for grocery store receipts. Not only that, once you’re a member you will be given a card for a program called SingleCare, which offers additional discounts on any prescription medication that you (sometimes saving 80%!). You can also submit e-receipts, which is rare for the receipt redemption apps. I’ve had this app since August and made $5.50. For a free $2 when you sign up, use the referral code ME2HC. The minimum cash out is $3.

6.) Streetbees – this app pays you with cash via Paypal that you can transfer to your bank account with no fees. For this app, you will be invited for periodic paid surveys (and not paid surveys, so make sure you’re paying attention to the reward if you’re looking to only make money). I will completely admit that this app has been somewhat difficult for me, as I’ve had issues with them not paying on time, however I have always ended up getting my money. Due to this, I’m not very active on the site, so I’ve only made $3 in the last month. The minimum cash out is $1.

7.) InstaGC – this app rewards you for surveys, games, clicks, video watches, and a multitude of other activities. I highly recommend this app as I average $8 – $10 a month using it by only letting videos play – I do not take part in their surveys often, but the earnings are high for surveys, and are an easy way to get even more points if it’s something you want to be dedicated to. I have them on in the background, on mute, and don’t even pay attention to it. So again, I’m making an average of $9 per month, doing literally nothing. Your points are redeemable for cash or gift cards. The minimum cash out is $1.

8.) Swagbucks – this app rewards you for surveys, purchasing offers, shopping with their links, taking polls, watching videos, and a bunch of other activities. This app is probably the most well known of any apps of similar style to InstaGC. Swagbucks has a minimum cash out of $3 for Amazon giftcards, which is all I tend to use it for. They do offer a Paypal payout that I take advantage of too, in addition to thousands of e-gift cards. I have made $217.25 over the last year with them. They are currently offering a free $10 to new account holders for referred accounts, so click the link above!

Photo from Stocksnap.io courtesy of Shopify

For those of you keeping score: I make an average $37.85 per month using all of these. Wouldn’t you love an additional $35+ each month without changing your lifestyle at all?

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  1. Natasha

    The only decent app I’ve found in Australia that gives you money back is ShopBack. If I shop online through that app I get a percentage of my purchase back. I’ve made $6 so far


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